Permission to Get Involved

There are times when just talking to your friend about the problem can provide needed relief. You can listen supportively without making judgments, offer advice, (especially useful when your friend asks you for it,) walk through difficult choices together, or suggest that more help may be needed. Whatever you decide to do, it’s ok to “be a friend” and help.

Sometimes you may feel like you shouldn’t intervene, it’s none of your business, or you fear your friend might get angry. However, know that it is a sign of deep caring to offer a person help that may alleviate his or her suffering. Here are some ways to give yourself permission to talk to your friend

  • You’d be a good friend
  • It’s better to lose a friendship than a friend
  • You’d avoid guilt and regret
  • Avoid keeping dangerous secrets
  • Helping others feels good
  • If you were in trouble you’d appreciate it if someone helped you
  • Your own fun and safety may depend on it
  • You’ll feel bad if something bad happens
  • Your friend might listen to you