You can make a difference as a friend.

Notice. Care. Help.

group of friends playing a game

Notice. Care. Help. is our motto, and it's how Wildcats can take care of each other. 

Here's what it means:

  • Notice: notice the signs that you or a friend are struggling
  • Care: reach out and offer/ask for help
  • Help: encourage help-seeking

It's not just experts that can make a difference. Friends can help friends in an important way.

Break Down Barriers

No one should have to struggle in silence - or alone. It's our mission to bring mental health, substance use, suicide, and safety out of the shadows and reduce the stigma that can prevent folx from getting the help they need. 

The Friend2Friend Mission

group of people talking



Connect With Other Students

Get support or get involved. We have options for you. 

Get Support, Get Involved