Helping When You're Concerned About Safety

Ask Key Questions & Encourage Help-Seeking

When you're concerned about a friend's safety, let them know you care and ask key questions that will help you work together to get them the support they need.

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Crisis Support Is at Your Fingertips

Whether you're worried about yourself or a friend, you don't need to figure it out alone. 

Crisis Text Line

988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline

It's Okay to Ask

Whether you've noticed these signs in your friend or just have a gut feeling that something's off, follow your instincts. You don't have to know exactly what's going on, figure it all out, or have all the answers. Starting a conversation and asking about safety are important steps you can take.

A few pointers to keep in mind: 

  • bring up your concerns without judgment
  • avoid labeling/diagnosing your friend
  • avoid language that reinforces stigmas or stereotypes
  • let your friend know you're here to support them
  • You don't have to take this on alone. Sharing your concerns about a friend with someone who can help is not the same as gossiping.


What to Do If You're Concerned About...


If you're concerned about suicide, ask: Are you thinking about suicide?

If they are, stay with them until they are safe and encourage them to use suicide prevention resources like these. You can call a suicide hotline together or go with them to a crisis center or emergency room.

How to Ask Someone If They're Thinking About Suicide

Substance Use or Addiction

If you're concerned about substance use or addiction, approach your friend in a curious tone and ask: How have you felt about how things are going? or Are you using drugs/alcohol? when you're not sure if they're using substances. Focus on remaining nonjudgmental and understanding their perspective.

You can help a friend in this situation by recommending resources or looking into counselors, treatment centers, or supportive communities together.

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Unsafe Relationships

If you're concerned about your friend's safety in a relationship, let them know you care and ask for their perspective: How do you think things are going in the relationship?

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